Cave Life

Flora and Fauna of Caves

Biospeology is the scientific study of organisms living in caves. Plants, which need light for photosynthesis, can be found only in the entrance area of caves. Animals permanently living in caves are called troglobites. But most animals thought to be cave animals, like bats and cave bears, are just visitors to caves! Many animals use caves temporary for hibernation.

terrestrial cavernicole aquatic cavernicole Explanation
troglobite stygobite
aquatic troglobite
An animal that lives in a cave and is unable to live outside of it. Troglobites usually have troglomorphic adaptions.
troglophile stygophile
aquatic troglophile
A cavernicole which frequently completes its life cycle in caves but is not confined to this habitat.
trogloxene stygoxene
aquatic trogloxene
A cavernicole which spends only part of its life cycle in caves and returns periodically to the epigean domain for food.

Special Aspects of Biospeleology

 Troglomorphy |  Hommingberger Gepardenforelle |  White-nose Syndrome

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