Grutas de las Maravillas

Grotto of the Wonders - Gruta de Aracena

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Location: Ciudad de Aracena, north east Huelva. 89km from Sevilla, 70km from the border to Portugal.
Open: All year daily 10:30-13:30, 15-18, tours hourly.
Close 24-DEC, 25-DEC, 31-DEC.
Fee: Adults EUR 8.50, Children (6-14) EUR 6, Children (0-5) free, Seniors (65+) EUR 6.50.
Groups (25+): Adults EUR 6.50, School Pupils EUR 5.50.
Classification:  Karst cave. Lower Cambrian marble.
Light: electric.
Dimension: T=16-17°C, H=90-98%, L=2,130m.
Guided tours: D=45min, L=1,200m. Max 1,000 visitors per day.
Address: Gruta de las Maravillas, Pozo de la Nieve, Aracena, Huelva, Tel: +34-663937876. E-mail: contact
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1914opened to the public.
1987surveyed by the G.E.S of S.E.M..


This Grutas de las Maravillas (Cave of Wonders) is an extraordinary decorated cave. Huge halls and passages decorated with all the speleothem you expect: stalagmites, stalactites, straws and shawls. Some of the chambers have pools and the 70m high salón del gran lago (hall of the great lake) contains a big subterranean lake.

The cave is lighted by indirect light and a sound system allows the playback of music. They play the sinfonía del agua by the local musician Luis de Pablo and the suite Gruta de las Maravillas by Don Primitivo Lázaro.

The system is located is a small outcrop of lower Cambrian marble, limestone which was metamorphized by high pressure and temperature. It forms a hill in the middle of the city Aracena, with the Castelo de Aracena on top.

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