La Cueva de la Ramblera

La Cueva de la Tia Ramblera

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Location: San Miguel de Salinas
Open: All year daily 9-21:30.
Fee: free.
Classification:  Cave House
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: La Cueva de la Ramblera, Barrio de Casas Cueva, C/ La Cenia 11, 03193 San Muguel, Tel: +34-966-723969.
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San Miguel de Salinas is a town with many houses dug into the soft rock in the historic centre. La Cueva de la Ramblera is a restaurant run by the owners Katherine and Rafael, who offer traditional Spanish food. The tapas are typical and very variated, for example Sepia en salsa (cuttlefish in sauce), Berenjena Rellena (aubergines), and Caldereta de Atun, a light stew of vegetables and tuna.

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