Teufelshöhle Gallery

Image: cave entrance.
Image: the entrance portal from inside.
Image: a part of the cave entrance is used as a shelter for the cave cafe.
Image: inside the cave entrance.
Image: remains of the cave development, some mining equipment.
Image: the by far best feature of the cave: coloured lights!
Image: entrance to the part of the cave reserved for speleotherapy.
Image: skeleton of a cave bear, reconstructed with bones found in the cave.
Image: Kaiser Barbarossa (Emperor Barbarossa).
Image: one of the numerous spots with nice speleothems.
Image: one of the artificial tunnels.
Image: flowstones in backlighting.
Image: the romantic cave exit.
Image: the layrinth at the cave exit.
Image: some visitors on a cave tour.
Image: the guide standing beneath the stalagmite Kaiser Barbarossa.
Image: the crucifixion.

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