Sophienhöhle Gallery

Image: a romantic path with rocks and caves leads to Sopie's Cave.
Image: the cave entrance is called Ahornloch, and is rather impressive.
Image: View from inside the Ahornloch.
Image: this huge cavern was once filled with cave bear bones and archaeological remains. The sediments were mined to produce fertilizer.
Image: at the end of the Ahornloch, the real Sophie's cave starts. It is closed by a door since it was discovered, which protected the speleothems from being vandalized.
Image: the descend into the first chamber.
Image: rimstone pools in the connection between chamber one and two.
Image: the millionaire with blue light, a "cool" idea of the current owner.
Image: the millionaire is a huge stalagmite, named so because someone calculated that it might be at least one million years old. Although this calculation is based on grow rates and is not verified by 14C dates, the name sounds rather good.
Image: this stalactite feeds the millionaire.
Image: interesting curtains.
Image: the Klausstein chapel is located on the rock above the cave. Rumours tell about a subterranean connection between cave and chapel. And it gave the name to the Klausstein Caves System.

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