Kubacher Kristallhöhle Gallery

Image: the entrance tunnel into the Kubacher Kristallhöhle.
Image: a small stalagmite with bulbous calcite.
Image: cave corals.
Image: cave corals.
Image: the first chamber.
Image: probe built by the cavers to explore the cave through the bore hole.
Image: narrow passage to the second chamber which is covered by cave coral.
Image: the second chamber is the lowest point of the cave and the end of the trail.
Image: this chamber is the highest cavern of all German show caves.
Image: the solutional forms on the cave walls are of exceptional beauty.
Image: the way up and out of the cave.
Image: view from the cave entrance.
Image: entrance.
Image: insde the cave.
Image: the crystals.
Image: artificial entrance.