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Höhler von Meerane

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Location: Meerane, below the church.
Open: All year Thu 10, 11, 13.
Fee: Adults EUR 2, Children (6-14) EUR 1.50.
Groups (25+): Adults EUR 1.50.
Classification:  Cellar  World War II Bunker
Light: electric
Dimension: T=8-12°C.
Guided tours: D=45min, L=350m.
Address: Stadtverwaltung Meerane, Markt 3, 08393 Meerane, Tel: +49-3764-1859448. E-mail: contact
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14th ctyfirst cellars created.
1990celars renovated.
1997opened to the public.


The Meeraner Höhler (Cellars of Meerane) are located below the center of Meerane. They were built since the 14th century and enlarged several times since then. First they were intended as cellars to store food and beer. But they were used as a hideout during urban fires and sieges. During World War II they were used as air raid shelter. After the war they were forgotten and fell in disrepair. Renovation started in 1990 and since 1997 there are guided tours for the public.

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