Höhlenwohnungen in Langenstein Gallery


Image: an old postcard of cave house Nr. 11.
Image: the Lange Stein with the Altenburg and the cave houses. A sketch by the Amtsrat Dr. W. Rimpau.
Image: road to the Altenburg connecting the caves.
Image: the renovated house No 11.

Image: hollow way to the Altenburg.
Image: cave used as barn with feeding trough.
Image: not renovated cave house.
Image: view down to the village from a cave house.
Image: cave house No 11.
Image: the refurbished living room.
Image: the kitchen.
Image: the remains of the Altenburg are mostly natural rock formations.
Image: a sort of collapse cave in the Altenburg, probably partly natural, partly artificial.
Image: the hollow way at the upper end.


Image: a sign at the Schäferberg.
Image: outside view of all three cave houses.
Image: cave house number one.
Image: the cave house no 1 is painted with white colour and looks right comfy.
Image: cave house no 2 shows the natural sandstone of the walls.
Image: only front rooms have windows to the outside.
Image: view up the chimney.
Image: during renovation the holes were closed with modern windows.
Image: outside view of cave house no 2.

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