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Die Felsenkeller in Egloffstein

Egloffstein Cellars

Useful Information

Location: Egloffstein, Felsenkellerstraße. Entrance at the Raiffeisenbank.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: Cellars
Light: no light, bring electric torch
Dimension: Ar=12,000m²
Guided tours: after appointment with the tourist office
Address: Touristinformation Egloffstein, Felsenkellerstr. 20, 91349 Egloffstein, Tel: +49-9197-202, Fax: +49-9197-202.
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The cellars of Egglofstein have a long history. It is supposed that the first cellars were built in the Middle Ages. A part of the cellars is inside a layer of sandstone, which supposedly was mined for the stone and the sand which was used for buildings. But most of the cellars were used to store beer, sausaged, meet, potatoes and beets.

There are three main entrances and 14 long adits, the longest one 700m long. And there are several side passages and entrances.

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