Nürnberger Felsengänge Gallery

Image: map of the visited cellars: Dürerkeller, Agneskeller und Harrerkeller.
Green: cellar, red: connections built during World War II, blue: water adits.
Image: the entrance leads into a celler which was used as air raid shelter during World War II.
Image: connection between two older cellars built during World War II.
Image: beer cellar Agneskeller.
Image: beer cellar Agneskeller.
Image: copper crusts on the wall. Responsible is the contamination of the earth above the cellar.
Image: stairs between two levels of cellars.
Image: beer cellar Agneskeller, lower level.
Image: generations of electric light.
Image: different steps of construction: sandstone wall from the medieval cellar, about 100 years old floor and a modern pillar to support the new built houses above.
Image: after many years again beer is stored in the cellars. The beer is made in small brewery above, which may be visited at the end of the tour.
Image: Bierbrand (whiskey like schnapps, made of beer).

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