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Auerbachs Keller

Auerbach's Cellar

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Location: Grimmaischen Straße 2-4, Leipzig
Light: electric
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1438first written mention.


Auerbachs Keller (Auerbach's Cellar) is a wine bar and restaurant in Leipzig. It is said to be the second oldest restaurant in Leipzig and the fifth most famous restaurant of the world. This fame is not a result of its age, it is actually the fact that it was one of the most popular wine bars during the time when Leipzig was the center of German intelligence. The famous guests include Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. Goethe studied in Leipzig between 1765 and 1768, and often visited Auerbachs Keller. Here he saw two pictures, showing the legend of Dr. Faust, which was a popular play performed using puppets since his childhood. He was inspired to his Faust I and dedicated one scene, Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig, to this location.

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