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Location: Ortsgemeinde Burglahr
Open: after appointment with Herrn Hugo Fischer.
Fee: Adults EUR 2.50, Children EUR 1.50.
Classification:  Iron Mine
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung, Rheinstraße 17, 57632 Flammersfeld, Tel: +49-2685-809119.
Hugo Fischer, Oberlahr, Tel: +49-2685-1237.
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1835adit started.
1864adit completed.
1999opened to the public.



The Alvensleben-Stollen (Alvensleben Adit) is an adit of the mine Grube Louise, which means it was used to drain water from the mine. Such adits were built to allow the water to flow out itselve by gravity, so it did not need energy or much maintenance. The tunnel was named after Albrecht Graf von Alvensleben who once was Prussian Finance Minister. Today the adit is accessible for about 800m, on which it shows numerous mineralogical specialties like malachite and chrysocolle minerals and stactites and stalagmites formed of iron oxide mud and manganese.

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