Jeskyně Na Pomezí Gallery

Image: flowstone on the wall.
Image: a pilar or stalagnate.
Image: stalactite and stalagmite, green stains are lampenflora.
Image: the ceiling with huge clefts.
Image: rimstone pool.
Image: rimstone pool with cave pearls.
Image: curtain or bacon rind, the light from the back reveals the banding.
Image: solutional forms at the ceiling.
Image: through section of a stalagmites, a core of marble surrounded by banded flowstone.
Image: cleft with flowstone.
Image: solutional pits in the cave wall.
Image: cleft with flowstone.
Image: the pure white marble is covered by dark brown clay.
Image: the cave exit.
Image: bulbous calcite in the museum, cross section polished, shows the layering.

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