Haikong Cave

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Location: Chongqing, Wansheng District
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: H=50m, Ar=47,000m², T=18°C.
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Address: Haikong Cave, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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1939installation of the plane factory.
OCT-1944first plane, a middle-range sky truck, completed.
1949factory closed.
2008start of development.


Haikong cave is of enormous size, a 50m high cavern with an area of 47,000m². This space was used by the Kuomintang (KMT) Party as a secret factory for the development and construction of planes. Costructed at the beginning of World War II the first plane was completed in 1944, almost at the end of the war. It was China's first airplane, a middle-range sky truck. Only a few years later the factory was abandoned, when the Nationalists lost the civil war against the Communists and fled to Taiwan. Since then the cave was not used any more. Now the tourist bureau of Wansheng District of Chongqing plans to develop the site into a tourist resort. This development will cost more than 500 million yuan (67 million U.S. dollars).

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