Festungsmuseum Reuenthal

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Location: North of Reuenthal. From Koblenz cross Rhine/Border, turn right onto road 7, cross Aare river, turn left to Reuenthal.
Open: APR to OCT Sat 13-17.
All year daily for grougs after appointment.
Fee: Festungsmuseum: Adults CHF 12, Children (6-16) CHF 6.
Militärmuseum: Adults CHF 12, Children (6-16) CHF 6.
Both: Adults CHF 20, Children (6-16) CHF 10.
Classification:  World War II Bunker  Secret Bunker
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Verein Militär- und Festungsmuseum Full-Reuenthal, Sonnenweg 14, 4314 Zeiningen, Tel: +41-61-8515047, Fax: +41-61-8515048. E-mail: contact
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Spring 1937start of construction.
April 1939completed and immediately manned.
1944number of personnel increased.
1979cannons disassembled.


The Artilleriewerk Reuenthal (artillery fort Reuenthal) is located north of the small village Reuenthal. It is located on a location of great strategic importance, on a hill in a bow of the Rhine river, where the Aare river meets the Rhine. Located between Koblenz and Leibstadt it lies at the Swiss border to Germany, opposite the German village Waldshut.

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