Jenolan Caves

River Cave

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Location: 182km west of Sydney
Open: All year Mon-Fri 13:15, Sat, Sun 10, 13:15.
Additional tours during NSW school holidays and on some long weekends.
Fee: Adults AUD 40.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: Electric.
Dimension: L=20,000m, VR=200m, A=790m asl, T=16°C.
Guided tours: D=2h, St=1,298.
Bibliography: John Dunkley (2007): Jenolan Caves: Guides, Guests & Grottoes. Australian Speleological Federation 2007
Address: Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, P.O.Box 1495, Bathurst. NSW 2795.
Littlebourne St, Kelso (Bathurst) NSW 2795, Tel: (063) 32 5888 (office), Fax: (063) 32 9399
Jenolan Caves, Jenolan Caves. NSW 2790, Phone: (063) 59 3311, Fax: (063) 59 3307
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1903discovered by James Carvosso Wiburd and J. Edwards.


River Cave has the largest numbers of steps of all tours at Jenolan. 1,298 steps equal a height difference of about 120m which is ascended and descented during the tour, fortunatly not at once. A near vertical ladder is also part of the tours, women should think about wearing jeans, although the male participants would probably enjoy a short skirt. As the name suggests, it goes down to the lowest level of the cave system, the active river passage level. There are various pools, huge stalagmites and large canopies.

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