Old Water Wheel

Lighthouse Waterwheel

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Location: Cape Leeuwin. 5km south of Augusta.
Open: no restrictions [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Classification:  Tufa Deposits
Light: n/a
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1895lighthouse and waterwheel errected.
01-DEC-1896lighthouse turned on.
1925petroleum lamp replaced by electric light.
1928water wheel abandoned.


The Old Water Wheel is special. It was errected together with the lighthause, to pump water to the house of the lighthouse keeper. But it was soon abandoned, and the water was transported to the house by other means. But the water still flew over the now useless wheel, depositing limstone on the wooden wheel. The karst water is rich in limestone, which was deposited whlie flowing over the wheel. And after eighty years the whole construction is covered by a thick layer of dripstone. Obviously a fantastic motive for photographers.

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